Why I Became a Freelance Writer

You may notice as you browse this site that I was not an English or journalism major in college. I wasn’t the editor for a school newspaper or an avid creative writer as a child. I majored in biology and German and minored in chemistry and public health. So how did I end up creating this website for my freelance business? 

A little over a year ago, I was implementing a research study in rural India that investigated barriers to sexual and reproductive health for rural women. Women’s health was my jam: I loved working with women and I was planning to become an OBGYN. But then my life changed forever after contracting a viral illness. In India, becoming sick as a foreigner is a common occurrence; however, becoming sick and damaging your autonomic nervous system is not what people expect out of a study abroad experience.

Having a postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) diagnosis is not easy. It is a syndrome that makes it difficult to stand for long periods of time, making work in the hospital or in field research difficult. It is a syndrome that is estimated to affect 1 in 100 teens and is often misdiagnosed as anxiety, leaving thousands of people without a proper diagnosis for years.

I began writing when I published my “coming out” story with POTS and I would never have expected my words to make such an impact on my readers. I always thought I would make a difference by delivering babies, but little did I know that my words could also be used as a powerful tool in helping change the stigma associated with chronic illnesses.

I became a freelance writer because words matter. What we write and how we present information matters. I am a biologist, an activist, and a forever student. I am always on the search for new opportunities to challenge my brain and having the outlet freelance writing provides to share new information is so rewarding.

My Fulbright experience has only further strengthened my passion for women’s health and cultural barriers that affect health resource access. I love researching new facets of medicine, fitness, and culture, both in the U.S. and abroad. I use my skills as a researcher to identify up and coming research and can translate complex methodology to general audience articles. And finally, making sure that my content is engaging and meaningful to my readers is my top priority. 

I became a freelance writer because I don’t want to sit around all day between physical therapy sessions wasting my brain on Netflix. I want to use my brain, learn new skills, and interact with the community. If you are looking for a freelancer to write about a topic that I haven’t mentioned, contact me! I have dabbled in a diverse set of interests– 8 years of Model United Nations and 15 years experience with gluten-free baking anyone?

I have the experience and background to help you create engaging and well-researched content for your businesses and projects. Let me know how I can help!